Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Some of these dickhead ponces actually have kids, its a only a handful of them, I can count on one hand the ones that do, its un-fucking believable, I know, people will be bare shocked like, like he's making it up an that, but its nuthin long, a few of these fools actually have fucking kids

Like Phoebe 1 for example, this fat piece of lard, pig nose, hippo face, jabba specie, shapeless blob, jabba the hut specie ho, I mean fool, because she's too butters to be a ho, this repressed freak bitch from the caves, wit no experience in life, because she's fat, old an ugly, this degenerate, pervert, dickhead walrus of butterness, actually has a kid, she's more infactuated an loves up an obsessed wit a stranger that hates her guts to the fullest, more than taking care an giving her kid a normal family life, she gets turned on more listening to me sleep than looking after her own fucking kids, she has no road credentials at all, she's a goofy, squared out clown, in her late 30's to early 40's from country(an I'm not talking on real brothers an sisters from country), trying to talk hood like, you get me, infactuated an obsessed wit someone who dosent't like her at all an is old enough to be my younger mum, if she had me, bare early like, you get me, she's a degenerate, off key pasticated dickhead, pervert, waste chick ponce

Thats the mentality of these pasticated squared out ponces, stupid fucking paedophilles, bare squared out an goofy, goofy, little pussy, little paedophilles, there nuthin...they shouldn't be around kids, for real, all of those pussy little ponces on that list, true stories, your money is gonna get flopped, trust me on that, its nuthin long, you fassies are in the real world now, no more wasteman/waste chick fantasy world, think no one will find out your a bunch of gay, waste chick ponced out pussys, antics, no more wasteman, waste chick antics, your days are numbered, especially when my website pops off, its over, trust, your money is gonna get flopped diffrently, make you off key pervs go back to your 9 to 5s, straight, you off key fucking dickheads, its nuthin long, lets go...your a drop in the ocean, yes surr, salute all my real niggas worldwide, corny niggas can suck bumhole, catch AIDS an die slow, yes surr, thats staaaandard, fuck all of you, suck your mums, go suck her out, suck her out you stupid little pricks, suck your mum...stupid obeah/scanner, voyeur, no life having, whatless, rich tramp, wit too much time on there hands, obeah/scanner, voyeur, sex freaks, no family having loners, typical fucking paedophiles, typical, go suck your mums, suck her dry, lets go

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