Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Infactuated wit someone that hates your guts to the fullest, bare fucking gay, bare like, bare butters waste chicks that can't get man on the roads, truss, bare like, fucking waste cadets, I hate all fucking sex offenders to the fullest extent, I hate them wit a extreme passion, an these pastics, these pasticated geeked out, square, middle class tramped out, no fanily having(disowned because there waste upon waste, sex offenders), typical loners, typical paedophille, battymen, butters waste chicks that can't get man, whatless dickhead deviants, degenerate perverts, who shouldn't be around kids, pussyhole's, still love up man an are sexually in a twisted way, infactuated an obssessed wit a nigga, true fucking stories, fucking pastics, proper fucking sex offenders, the real fucking mckoy, its nuthin long

For example, Wyclef for example, if its not him, he's a well known corny, wannabe, industry clown, whose well known for goin into his wannabe tug stages, from time to time, he's well known for this, even though he wasn't a street type of guy at all when he was coming up in Jersey an Brooklyn, he wasn't road at all, he was a 300% church guy(which there is nuthin wrong wit being), who was known for playing the guitar in the hood, while real tugs were trying to survive an get that money anyway possible, trying to survive an that, Wyclef was playing the guitar, true fucking stories, thats Wyclef all day, everyday

If it is him, he's another undercover battyman, poom poom devil, that likes brares an little kids, stupid dickhead, I ain't Jesse Washington, yeah you know them way there, I ain't him at all, wrong fucking nigga you fucking clown, an that shit only went down like that because you were hiding behind a bodyguard an that, you couldn't have done that on your ones, true fucking stories, he's good wit a bodyguard an easy targets, what about LL, thats all I have to say on that, wrong fucking nigga, wrong family prick, Wyclef is a known pussy little square, wannabe prick, go suck your mum prick, go suck her dry, an make one of them corny bullshit, world pop music tunes your known for making while your at it, go on prick, go play the guitar...these pricks shouldn't be around kids, true fucking stories, degenerate fucking sex offenders, go suck your mums, suck her dry, lets go

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