Saturday, 23 February 2008



These are known suspect, degenerate, pervert, dickhead wastman/waste chick deviants, known clowns hiding in the suburbs, hoods, frontman mc’s, industry fools, battymen, pussies, sex offender cowards, prick squares geeks, obeah/scanner user/sex fiends an so on an so on, who I know from experience are voyeurs an show paedohille tendancies, ponce tendacies, lifestyles, bare undercover, this is from personal experience from these suspected parasites you know

I’ll expose these suspected ponces infactuated an obsessed wit me an my famo more than taking care of there own kids an own family, very off key voyeurs, sex offenders, probably been disowned by there own familys because of the amount of time they pay studio time an in there own free time to voyeur mine because there pure waste, an there family’s switched on them you know

Until I found out it ain’t them an take there names off, I’ll try flop there money an that an expose them, they shouldn’t be around my kids, they shouldn’t be around my people, African, Carribean, Asia, Middle East, Latino, white human beings, that’s my people, if its them, they shouldn’t be around them, here’s the list

Entertainment Industy

Ms Dynamite(fake revolutionary mc/singer)

Phoebe 1(square, geek, clown from the sticks in her late 30’s/early 40’s trying to talk hood dj)

Tinchy Styder(frontman pussy mc)

Trim(frontman pussy mc)

Kano(frontman pussy mc)

Lethal B(frontman/battyman pussy mc that hires security guards for the hood when he’s out on the roads )

Fumin(frontman pussy mc)

Wyclef(clown wannabe corny world music pussy mc)

Styles P(frontman mc)

Paradise(fake revolutionary mc)

Big Narstie(from N Double A)(frontman clown pussy mc)

N Dubz(george Michael loving fake battyman mc)

Dizzeee Rascal(sellout pussy frontman mc)

Jay Sean(upper middle class, rich clown, pussy nigga that gets bad up by 14 year old suburb chicks music guy)

Wong(corny clown mc)

Mica Paris(washed up corny pop singer in her 40’s that thinks she’s hood)

Ian Wright(squared out goofy black gizzer rich retired footballer)

Milkymans(9 to 5 mc)

E-17(corny pussy pop singer customer mudda fuckers)

Robbie Gee(in his 40s battyman that likes to dress up as females gay actor black gizzer mudda fucker)

Shystie(9 to 5 mc)

Baby Blue(9 to 5 mc)

Lady Soverign(no talent, carpet muncher 9 to 5 mc)

Wildflower(backpacer mc)

Simon Webbe(corny pop singing mr t haircut buzing square goofy mudda fucker)

Alicia Dixon(corny 9 to 5 university educated mc/singer)

Mark Morrison(wannabe corny r’n’b singer)

Zena(corny 9 to 5 singer)

Jamelia(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer)

Beverly Knight(squared out fake born again Christian corny rock/pop singer)

Ace & Invisible(corny feisty r’n’b niggas rap dj’s 9 to5 yoots)

Estelle(corny squared out 9 to 5 mc/singer)

Gabrielle(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer in her early 40s)

Big P(frontman mc)

Bruza(corny black gizzer fassy mc)

Martine Girault(another old fogie washed up soul singer in her 40s)

Kele La Roc(another squared out washed up r’n’b /dance singer)

Sincere(washed up fassy mc)

DJ Spoony(corny, square, black gizzer in his forties that use to be in the uk garage scene that was known for hating on certain people then when them people blew up, he started riding there dicks diffrently, an left the uk garage/grime scene because it was to gully for him, he couldn’t take the levels an started playing techno or dance or whatever)

Big Brovaz(corny square pop muddafuckers that like to wear make up an sing Victorian tunes)

Biggz(corny frontman mc)

Ty(corny, geeky nerd, square 9 to 5, corny music, backpacker mc)

Neeko B(known pussy fassy frontman mc who before the industry was a square 9 to 5 yute who has been bad up by industry people on numerous occasions)

Keisha Buchannan(corny square sugarbabe my black foot pop singer)

Known(confirmed) Ponces Hiding In The Suburbs An The Hood

‘Titch’(fake tug/pussy, battyman on the roads) from College Park(in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham), NW10, London, England, UK


Came back from some next shoobz on friday night, nursed my hang over an that an I feel like yeah, these off key wasteman, waste chick dickheads are off key like, bare off key sex offender pussy little perverts, bare middle class fucking tramps, bare like, you get me, you know them way there, I'm on the dole(I'm looking for work, truss) an broke, broke diffrently, but I still reach a shoobz when I can, I've probably been to more shoobz this year than all these pussy little sex offenders have been too in there whole life put together, an I've only been to three this year, yeah you know them way there, real talk, they all have more money than me, truss me on that, they all have more p's than me, but when they get on the mic or in there house, its shoobz this, shoobz that, chicks this, mash chicks that, champs, family this, family that, what the fuck are these pasticated retards on, what fucking shoobz, which family are they talking about, you ain't got none, you ain't never been in a club to sip champagne, there ain't no chicks in you virgin wastemans life, what the fuck are you talking about, you waste chicks can't get no fucking man, your all butters, you silly little sex offender virgins, the only shoobz they have been in is the ones in there fucking video's, you know them way there, there goofy like, bare goofy, bare off key fantasist, there fantasist, there trapped in there own little make believe sex offender world, thats all they know, nuthin else, bare fucking fantasist, true stories, bare goofy like, goofy little pussy sex offenders, real talk

All they know about is listening people take shit, yeah take shit, there turned on by toilet activity, take shit, listening people have bath, go sleep from night till early fucking morning, listening little kids, voyeurism little kids, fucking paedophilles, child molesterers, just listening people live all day, everyday, about shoobz, about getting chicks, or getting man, having families, they don't know anything about any of these things because there waste, there gay, there budget, middle class, tramped out, no pussy getting virgin, no life having, whatless, no family having(because there family's disowned them because there sex offender wastes, an I'm not talking about my fellow human beings on the roads that live real lives, know about real struggle, an don't have family's or family life because of poverty situations, nah I'm talking about these middle class tramps that have been disowned by there familes because there sex offender degenerate pervert wastes, waste upon waste, truss, bare dickhead deviants, bare like, you get me, you know them way there, its real), typical loner, typical crimewatch sex offender profile, degenerate off key pervert, homosexual, half lesbo, freak bitches in heat for brares they can't get because there butters wit no experience in life because there troll, dickhead deviant, obeah/scanner sex fiends, paedophille, wasteman, waste chick dickheads, about shoobz

On the weekend, no shoobz, no chicks, no man, no champs, no family's, just brares on top of brares paying studio time or in there own personal freetime to check brares, strangers that hate there sex offender lower species guts to the fullest fucking extent, no chicks, no shoobz, no familys, just waste chicks checking brares they can't get, an brares on top of brares paying studio time an in there own free time to check fucking brares an little kids, there fucking wastes, there the textbook definition of a wasteman, waste chick dickhead, bare like, you get me, there dickheads, bare fucking gay, there boogarmen, truss me on that, there gay, there fucking gay, bare off key gay, bare pussy, bare fucking pussy, bare squared out middle class tramped out pussy little sex offenders, bare paedophilles,bare child molesterers, there bare ponced out, there fucking ponces, there voyueurs, there sex offenders, they lead dutty voyueur sex offender lifestyles, there paedophilles, there degenerate off key dickhead perverts that can't control themselves, there dickhead deviants, there addicted an infatuated to using obeah/scanners to sex offend on strangers that hate there sex offender pussy liitle guts even if there being disrecpected diffrently all day, everyday, verbally like, like me telling them to go suck there mum all day for example, they know I hate there pussy little sex offender guts to the fullest, without using the obeah or scanners, I tell them this shit for free all day, everyday for fucking free, there sexually addicted in a very twisted pussy dickhead deviant way to using obeah an scanners to sex offend, there addicted to it, bare like, to the point way they have know respect for themselves at all or there families(because they have been disowned by there families because there waste upon waste)whatsoever, they worship obeah an scanners an are infatuated wit me in a sick, twisted sexual way above anything else, there typical pussy little sex offender vermin, bare worm niggas, worm there way out of any situation, little fucking worms, these pussy little sex offender puppies shouldn't be around fucking kids, there sex offenders, there fucking paedophilles, bare like, truss me on that, I'm flopping there money, truss me on that, there money is goin to get flopped, its nuthin, we do this, a sex offender is nuthin out here, in any hood or surburb, any where on this fucking planet, I'm gonna flop there money, thats staaandard, there nuthin, they shouldn't be around kids, truss me on that, your waste men, waste chick days are over, truss me on that, your wasteman, waste chick antics are over, I've exposed your wasteman, waste chick, middle class, tramp, dickhead, prick, pussy sex offender lifestyle to the public, your money is getting flopped, truss

You fantasize about it, we do it, I'm not even a road nigga or a gangsta or badman or anything like that, I'm nobody out here, I'm a average brare like, truss me on that, but even still, we're in the streets, your industry, we ain't shook to reach a shoobz out here, I ain't shook to walk these streets, because I don't need to front, I ain't a frontman fool mc, chatting shit to the youngers, I ain't a gangsta or a badman, I ain't even a road nigga, I lived in the surburbs, I lived in the hood too, real talk, I'm a average brare out here, I'm nobody like, I can walk the streets wit my head held high, I ain't in hibernation like hermits, rolling around town wit bodyguards, none of that stupid shit, like there in the witness protection program or sumthin, bare shook like, truss

Your voyeurs, your like feds, your boy dem, I swear down, its nuthin long, these goofy fucking squared out retards are like the fucking police, they have the whole police surveilance thing on lock, truss, its nuthin long, there feds, I don't care what no one says, they get on like fucking boy dem, you get me, your fools man, your fucking fools, your whatless like, your bare stupid, your fucking sex offenders, your stupid like, your bare fucking stupid, your fools man, your fucking sex offenders you stupid fucking retards, your money is getting flopped, don't care what no one says, your stupid like, your bare fucking goofy, your duppy like, you get me, your fucking sex offenders, your sex offenders, your fucking sex offenders, what are you pussys on, your fucking sex offenders, your top dickheads out here, your sex offenders out here, what are you fucking pussys on, your stupid like, or you do is sex offend all day, your stupid like, what are you fucking pussys on, your stupid, I swear down, your fruity loops, your bare funnystyle pussyhole poom poom devils, your pussy man, what are you pussys on(yes you pussyface, suck your mum), your sex offenders, your crackheads wit out the crack , because they ain't no crack in your life, you never done it or been around it, or seen a rock but your crackheads, your crackheads wit out the crack, but theirs no crack in your life, there never has been, what type of crackheads is this, you stupid like, your fucking sex offenders, your sex offenders round here prick, go suck your mums, go suck your grans, go suck her dry, your pussy's man, go suck your mum, go suck her out you stupid little pussies, stupid fucking pasticated middle class tramps wit too much time an money on your hands, your pussys out here man, go suck your mums, your sex offenders, your a bunch of ponces, go suck your grans, go suck her dry, your pussy man, suck your grans(yeah you pussy face, reading this, go suck off your gran, fucking prick, fucking dickhead, stupid fucking prick)

Saturday, 9 February 2008


Nursing my hangover from actually reaching a shoobz last night, sumthin these middle class, tramped out, shook little, degenerate, sex offender dickhead, perverts, shook, little sex offender puppies only fantasize about in there twisted sex fantasies on the mic, I actually reached a shoobz last night, an I'm broke an on the dole(I'm looking for work), an I've probably reached more shoobz this year than all these industry fassies have reached all together, an thats saying sumthin, because I've only reached two, you know them way there, an they all have fucking money, they all have more money than a nigga like me, true fucking stories, but no shoobz on the weekend, no chicks, no champagne, no family, just brares on top of brares, wit money, paying studio time wit money outta there own pocket, in the comfort of there own homes, willingly, no ones putting a gun to there head or kidnapped there family or there kids to do this, willingly checking brares, take shit, go sleep all night till early morning, have bath, check little kids, an follow brares about all day, everyday, just living, big brother tv show type watchers, there the type of waste cadets that watch that rubbish, dutty, sex offender, voyeur dickhead perverts, top......dickheads, wastemen, waste chick.......dickheads, they do all this shit for free, even pay money out of there own pockets to be watemen, waste chick......dickheads, true fucking stories, they like being wastemen, waste chick......dickheads, this is what they get turned on doing, there shook of the roads like, shook of the streets diffrently, shook of the shoobz, bare road fantasists, they have an off key obsession wit fantasizing about the roads on the mic an on scanners in there homes, bare offkey obsession, bare offkey, there top fucking dickheads, truss me on that, there pussy's, bare sex offender, wastemen, waste chick, dickhead, pussy little, sex offender, frustrated, virgin little puppies, truss me on that, there sex offender puppies, there bitch made pussy's, truss, its nuthin long, truss me on that, stupid little sex offender, paedophille, dickhead ponces, there dickhead, middle class, sex offender tramps, bare crimewatch sex offender typical sex offender profile, there sex offender pussy's to the t, its nuthin long, there dickheads, truss

Sex offender puppies like this shouldn't be around kids, truss me on that, bare dickhead deviants, bare degenerate, can't control there twisted sexual urges, degenerate off key, perverts, top.......dickheads, there fools, these paedophilles shouldn't be around fucking kids, truss me on that, they don't mash chicks because they like brares, they only like brares an little kids, the waste chicks are all butters AIDS type looking bitches, or fat lard, half lesbo/half freak bitches from the caves in heat for brares they can't get because they have no experience in life because there butters, AIDS an stick insect, or fat lard and blobby an outta shape, jabba the hut species, you know them way there, bare frustrated virgin sex offender dickheads, bare into checking little kids, bare infactuated an obsessed wit checking brares thats strangers to them an hate there pussy little sex offender guts to the fullest, bare clinical defintion retards, bare pastics, bare pasticated, retarded, sex offender pussy's, thats the only reason why like, you get me, bare pastcated, retarded, sex offender puppied out, little pussy's, bare pussy, bare addicted to using obeah/scanners to sex offend on people, bare addicted, bare no life having, middle class tramps, bare like, you know them way there, I'm broke an I still reach a shoobz, I do it, you fantasize about it, keeping on fantazing you pussies(yeah you reading this pussy face, suck your mum), while I keep on doing it, you sex offender, no family having(because they have been disowned because there obviously bare waste upon waste), no life having, middle class, tramped out, sex offender, ponced out, dickhead, wastemen, waste chick, pricks, sex offender paedophille dicks, you stupid, degenerate, dickhead ,pervert pricks, stupid fucking pricks, go suck your mums, go suck her dry, go suck her dry you stupid pussies, go suck her out, go suck your your gran, go suck her dry, go suck her out, suck her dry pricks, wastemen, waste chick sex offender dicks, lets go....pussies, yes, yes, yes, fucking pussies