Saturday, 23 February 2008



These are known suspect, degenerate, pervert, dickhead wastman/waste chick deviants, known clowns hiding in the suburbs, hoods, frontman mc’s, industry fools, battymen, pussies, sex offender cowards, prick squares geeks, obeah/scanner user/sex fiends an so on an so on, who I know from experience are voyeurs an show paedohille tendancies, ponce tendacies, lifestyles, bare undercover, this is from personal experience from these suspected parasites you know

I’ll expose these suspected ponces infactuated an obsessed wit me an my famo more than taking care of there own kids an own family, very off key voyeurs, sex offenders, probably been disowned by there own familys because of the amount of time they pay studio time an in there own free time to voyeur mine because there pure waste, an there family’s switched on them you know

Until I found out it ain’t them an take there names off, I’ll try flop there money an that an expose them, they shouldn’t be around my kids, they shouldn’t be around my people, African, Carribean, Asia, Middle East, Latino, white human beings, that’s my people, if its them, they shouldn’t be around them, here’s the list

Entertainment Industy

Ms Dynamite(fake revolutionary mc/singer)

Phoebe 1(square, geek, clown from the sticks in her late 30’s/early 40’s trying to talk hood dj)

Tinchy Styder(frontman pussy mc)

Trim(frontman pussy mc)

Kano(frontman pussy mc)

Lethal B(frontman/battyman pussy mc that hires security guards for the hood when he’s out on the roads )

Fumin(frontman pussy mc)

Wyclef(clown wannabe corny world music pussy mc)

Styles P(frontman mc)

Paradise(fake revolutionary mc)

Big Narstie(from N Double A)(frontman clown pussy mc)

N Dubz(george Michael loving fake battyman mc)

Dizzeee Rascal(sellout pussy frontman mc)

Jay Sean(upper middle class, rich clown, pussy nigga that gets bad up by 14 year old suburb chicks music guy)

Wong(corny clown mc)

Mica Paris(washed up corny pop singer in her 40’s that thinks she’s hood)

Ian Wright(squared out goofy black gizzer rich retired footballer)

Milkymans(9 to 5 mc)

E-17(corny pussy pop singer customer mudda fuckers)

Robbie Gee(in his 40s battyman that likes to dress up as females gay actor black gizzer mudda fucker)

Shystie(9 to 5 mc)

Baby Blue(9 to 5 mc)

Lady Soverign(no talent, carpet muncher 9 to 5 mc)

Wildflower(backpacer mc)

Simon Webbe(corny pop singing mr t haircut buzing square goofy mudda fucker)

Alicia Dixon(corny 9 to 5 university educated mc/singer)

Mark Morrison(wannabe corny r’n’b singer)

Zena(corny 9 to 5 singer)

Jamelia(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer)

Beverly Knight(squared out fake born again Christian corny rock/pop singer)

Ace & Invisible(corny feisty r’n’b niggas rap dj’s 9 to5 yoots)

Estelle(corny squared out 9 to 5 mc/singer)

Gabrielle(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer in her early 40s)

Big P(frontman mc)

Bruza(corny black gizzer fassy mc)

Martine Girault(another old fogie washed up soul singer in her 40s)

Kele La Roc(another squared out washed up r’n’b /dance singer)

Sincere(washed up fassy mc)

DJ Spoony(corny, square, black gizzer in his forties that use to be in the uk garage scene that was known for hating on certain people then when them people blew up, he started riding there dicks diffrently, an left the uk garage/grime scene because it was to gully for him, he couldn’t take the levels an started playing techno or dance or whatever)

Big Brovaz(corny square pop muddafuckers that like to wear make up an sing Victorian tunes)

Biggz(corny frontman mc)

Ty(corny, geeky nerd, square 9 to 5, corny music, backpacker mc)

Neeko B(known pussy fassy frontman mc who before the industry was a square 9 to 5 yute who has been bad up by industry people on numerous occasions)

Keisha Buchannan(corny square sugarbabe my black foot pop singer)

Known(confirmed) Ponces Hiding In The Suburbs An The Hood

‘Titch’(fake tug/pussy, battyman on the roads) from College Park(in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham), NW10, London, England, UK

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