Monday, 7 January 2008


To show you how off key these off key, degenarate pervert, dickhead deviants are, let me go in a little bit deeper still, these fools are so infactuated an obsessed wit me an love me up an rate me like, I'm on these pussy's minds 24-7, when there at home, I'm on there minds, when there taking a shit, I'm on there minds, they probably take scanners into the toilet an bath wit them, when they leave there homes, I'm on there minds, when there in there whips, I'm on there minds, they probably take the scanners wit them, when there in there entertainment, industry work enviroment, I'm on there minds, I'm so much on there minds, there so off key an obsessed an sexually twisted, infactuated wit me, when they go to make tunes in the studio, they actually forget to make tunes an actually pay money out of there own pocket to check me all day an night, listening man go sleep, take shit, eat, watch tv, have bath, go sleep, all fucking night, check my little sister, no shoobz, no chicks, no shootouts, no shottin drugs, no family, just brares on top of brares, or waste chicks that can't get man because there troll, fat lard, AIDS looking bitches, paying studio time not to make tune, but to check man an listen little kids, a brare that they no hates there guts to the fullest extent, there still obsessed an infactuated diffrently wit a nigga, an rate man, to the point where even when I verbally diss there mothers, grandmothers an so on an so on, suck your mum, that type of shit, on a daily basis, they still stay infactuated an obsessed an spend money out of there own pocket on a nigga, just to listen to a nigga take shit an go sleep all night, all that type of wasteman, waste chick, gay, dickhead, degenerate pervert paedophille, dickhead type of movements, I'm so much on there minds the ones that actually have kids, its only a few of them(I could count on one hand, thank god), truss me, actually would rather check me out all day, everyday, at all times of the year, than show there own family a proper family life, thats how much I'm on there minds, there top...dickheads, there blatant dickhead, degenarate, squared out ponces, bare peadophille, real talk, real shit ma nigga

Its becaused there sexually repressed, squared out retards that have had no life experience in life because there fat an shapeless or look like they have AIDS, bare stick insects an are butters, or gay, but came up in endz, in a enviroment that buns out battyboys, so they had to put up a front up you know, they had to front when they were coming up

Like Dizzeee Rascal for example, if it ain't him, I'm only breaking it down because he's a frontman mc an I don't like frontman, fassy mc's chattin rubbish to the youth, but yeah, if it ain't him, everyone knows he's a sell out mc, whose shook of the hood, shook of the hood diffrently, to the point where he dosen't go to the shoobz in the hood, or the grimy shoobz, but only these posh raves, these posh little shoobz, to the point where he dosen't do little venues no more, only big concert type raves because he's so shook of the hood, he dosen't want to get bad up by any road youth or sumthin, he's shook in real niggas presences, so he only does big concert type of venues, shittin on the customers that pay he's fucking bills, an I'm no Dizzee Rascal fan neither, before this whole thing or after, I was never a fan of his, but if your an artist now, the only people you should care about in that record bizness is the fans who pay your fucking bills, pay for your bling, whip, mtv crib type, phat yard, all that type of shit, all that type of shizzle, an I'm not saying Dizzee has all of these things, but he definetly has money, bare p's, an has moved out the hood, but he don't bling, he knows not to, he would get moved up diffrently, truss, everyone knows that, its nuthin long, its not a mystery, none of this is new shit I'm bringing to the table, you see what I'm saying, he's been bad up on numerous occassions, an everyone knows by who, I don't have to go into names an that.

If it is him, he's a undercover degenarate, dickhead, whatless battyboy pervert, fucking paedophile, voyeur fucking ponce dickhead, who, when he was coming up in the streets now, before the industry an that, probably put up a front to hide he's true sexual leanings around real tugs, an thought if he didn't, in his mind, in Dizzee Rascal's mind, as shook as everyone knows him to be, "let me put up a front so these 'animals' don't kill me", I know his type, I don't know any faggots, but I know shook ones you know, he probably thinks that type of shit, thats why he dosen't show no love to the hood, he's a shook little fassy little, battyboy, stupid little paedophille, suck your mum prick, go suck her dry, go suck her out prick

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