Tuesday, 8 January 2008


In Africa, the Carribean an South America, witchdoctor practices have been used for decades, centuries in some cases, voodoo in Haiti, the diffrent names for witchdoctor practices in Africa, Obeah in Jamaica, Santeria in Colombia an Candomble in Brazil, an so on an so on, they are all very similiar, an have there roots from Africa

People in Africa, the Carribean an South America, real niggas, in these places usually use these practices for money making purposes, to make money, its about money, or to kill a person, thats what most brothers an sisters use these practices for, theirs no voyeurism, ponce, faggot, wasteman, waste chick, dickhead bizness in that equation, no wasteman antics, its to kill a nigga or to make money, thats what real people use that shit for, no dutty, degenerate dickhead, off key pervert, wasteman bizness you know, none of that shit, no dickhead, paedophille, faggot lifestyle bizness, for real, true stories

Scanners the same thing, people in most places, real niggas, road niggas, they use these shit, scanners an that, to check on feds, or if they have real beef an need to catch a nigga so they can catch him an do what ever level they have to do take it to when they catch that person, you see what I'm saying, no voyeurism, faggot, dickhead wasteman, waste chick, pussyhole paedophille wasteman lifestyle bizness in that equation, none of that shit, none of that shit at all

I could have saved these squared out industry fassies, ponces an faggots an waste chick dickhead retards a lot of time an energy an most importantly money, I could have told them for free, not even that, I tell these dickhead sex offender voyeur, ponces, everyday, daily without scanners an obeah an all that witchdoctor nonsense, I hate your guts to the fullest, I hate your kind, I hate your kind to the fullest wit extreme passion, thats the ponce, gay, faggot, dickhead, whatless, sex offender, pussy paedophille kind, I hate your type wit a passion, your waste, I could have told you that without the scanners an obeah for free you stupid, retarded fucking, sex offending, no life having, no family having, squared out, loner, typical paedophille, dutty, off key, whatless, dickhead, degenerate perverts, real niggas around the world use obeah, scanners to check on feds or find a nigga an do what they have to do, there too busy trying to survive an pay the bills in real endz(some of these squared out pussies are from real endz but they don't rep it, they just hide there, real human beings rep them endz, trying to survive you know, thats on the roads, not hiding all day like hermits not coming out checking brares all day)to do anything else, no faggot, paedophille dickhead shit, the truth hurts innit, your a bunch of pasticated, off key pervert dickheads, your dickheads, top...dickheads on the roads, your a bunch of off key, battys, off key wit your poncing like, off key like, bare pussy, bare off key, bare ponces, bare paedophilles, bare shouldn't be around kids

Like Styles P for example, if its him, when he comes over here for that concert money, what does he do, when real niggas come over here from the States, they link real niggas an do real shit, go to the club, yes actually reach a shoobz, champagne it out, get pussy, stripclubs, buy clothes, restuarants, eat that good shit, an get that concert money ma nigga, an then go about there bizness, certain artists, the real tugz, actually visit the hoods over here, an you they don't have to visit the hood at all, they don't, but the real ones do, its nuthin, a real nigga is a real nigga in any hood, worldwide, true stories

What does Style P do when he comes over here, he's checking brares wit brares on top of brares, listening brares, go sleep, take shit, have bath, checking little kids, no shoobz, no chicks(he's married so I can give him a bly on that one, but at least be in the stripclub rather then checking 'brares' all day), no champagne, no shopping for garms, just brares on top of brares checking brares, faggot, paedophille, voyeur sex offending shit

If you look into it deeper, if you check he's record, he's report card, that brares a suspect yoot, he's a frontman mc, don't care what no one says, it all adds up, how many times has he been banged out diffrently, for example, in Detroit that time, for running up his mout, an getting banged out diffrently for doing that shit, by real road niggas, no names have to be mentioned, Styles P is known for having a big mouth, true stories, there was no diss tunes towards that person who banged him out, nuthin of that nature, just phonecalls on some, "I apologise for being a stupid little frontman pussy, could you let me back into Detroit so I can make some money to pay my bills" cause he knows anything else coulda got him serious harm coming back to Detroit without that type of shit, true stories

Then the whole 50 thing, 50 was on the phone basically telling him he told the powers that be at Interscope(both 50 an Styles were on that label) records that they should keep his album on hold(which they did), this isn't a stupid little going back an forth silly diss record bizness, this is someone else actually having control on your life, an not just a next nigga, a next nigga your having 'industry' beef wit, he's telling you live on a phone on hot 97 radio station, publicly that he's kicking food out of your mouth, an to make it deeper, Styles P has a wife an kids to take care of, 50 was actually telling him he was kicking food out of his kids an familys mouth, to his face, publicly, an what does Styles respond wit, "nah cool boss, your the man" an rare, rare, rare, an so on an so on, publicly, thats some cowardly, weakheart, pussy, folding under pressure type shit to me, in my eyes you know, I'm not no gangsta, truss me on that, I'm not a gangsta at all, but these isn't about being gangsta, industry going back an forth on record shit is nuthin, but stopping your cash flow in the real world is sumthin, thats making it personal, an its not a gangsta thing to take care of an defend your famo, its a human being thing ma nig, you see what I'm saying, your not kicking food outta my familys mouth without me not doing sumthin, truss me on that, an I ain't even a gangsta, I'm a average brare on the roads, I'm nobody like, but I ain't letting you disrespect my family on the phone publicly or privately, truss me on that, that ain't a gangsta thing, its a human being thing, truss me on that, only a bitch made undercover homo nigga gets on like that, fronting like, man tells you he's kicking food out of your mout, then after that you start begging it, sucking this niggas dick, thats a professional frontman that, original, you know them way there, bare frontman

At best, before, Styles got into the record bizness, at best he was hand to hand, no further than that, he lived in the hood, his family had no money so he couldn't get out, so he had to front ma nigga, probably thought "let me do what I got to do so these 'animals' don't kill me", he's that type of nigga, a Dizzeee Rascal type nigga you know, bare, at best he was hand to hand, undercover faggot if its him, no keys, no bricks, none of that shit, he's been bad up by niggas on numerous occasions, look at the lyrics he chats, gun these, gun that, lick out a nigga's marrow, make it fly, or that type of shit, constantly, were was the marrow flying out at Detroit, what type of gunman is this that lets a next man kick food out of his family's mouth, tell you that shit on the phone, publicly, an you start kissing his backside after that, what type of gunman is this, thats not a man to me, your supposed to protect an defend your family at all times, it ain't a gangsta thing, its a human being thing, he's a frontman, he don't wear bling in the hood or anywhere else apart from when he's at photoshoots or at a video maybe, coz he knows, he will get moved up, I could understand if he's in other endz, but in your own endz, in your own hood, you can't even bling in your own hood, that tells you sumthin, real niggas that have 'real love' in the hoods they came up in can bling, truss me on that, when he went pen, he probably was in pc wit all the other faggots, snitches, corrupt feds an celebritys, I definetly believe that, that nigga couldn't have been in general population, I don't believe that at all, I don't, if its him, he's a frontman, undercover faggot, pussy nigga, fuck that nigga, go suck out pussy, suck out pussy, go suck out your mother

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