Sunday, 20 January 2008


No shoobz, no chicks, no champagne, no family, just brares on top of brares checking brares all night till early morning, all day

Like Ace & Vis, the fassy DJ couple Ace & Invinsible, if it ain't them, everyone knows there feisty fassy r'n'b square DJ's that run up there mouts too much, before they got into the record bizness, they were square, 9 to 5 yoots, they wern't road yoots at all, not at all, its nuthin long, this isn't a mystery, everyone knows this, its nuthin new

If it is them, there typical gay feminine, dickhead, wastemen, gay dickhead, bitches, its nuthin long, there hearts pump estrogen, there hearts pump semen, bare weird type of penis, pussyhole, poom, poom, devils, bare off key gay sex offender dickheads, no shoobz, no chicks, no family, just checking brares all night till early morning, listening to a nigga sleep all fucking night in there free time, rise up early to check man waking up an all that faggotness, wasteman antics

An the fat one for example, has somehow a kid from last year or the year before(its unfuckinbelievable I know), at the most its 2 years old, its only a baby, but instead of, I mean to a normal straight person like us, a kid at only 2 years old, we would be doting over our own baby 24-7, that would only be on our minds 24-7, especially at that age, thats what a normal straight nigga would be moving like, thats how we would be rolling, but you see wit this undercover fat faggot now, who dosen't have a radio show on the weekend, both of em, an none of them are artists, so they ain't reaching no studio to supposedly make a tune, this is all in there free personal gay, faggot, dickhead, wasteman time, this fat, gay, dickhead, faggot is more infactuated an obsessed wit another brare, which is one level of off key gayness, but this fat, faggot is more infactuated an obsessed an in love wit another nigga, another brare, that he knows hates his fucking guts to the fullest, which is a next step up in levels of off key dickhead gayness, more infactuated an obsessed an in love wit a brare, a stranger that hates his fucking guts, than his own newly born kid, this is all in his personal time, no ones putting a gun to his head to do this, this is what turns him on in his free time, this is how off key, dickhead, degenerate gay, ponce, sex offender he is, thats his mentality, bare off key gay, bare like, you know them way there, bare off key gay, bare off key, geeky, goofy gay like, bare, bare obeah/scanner gay sex fiends, bare obeah/scanner gay sex fiends, bare like, bare more into that than loving there own kid, its disgusting, I don't even have to go into it anymore, its nasty, its disgusting, a dutty, suspect, nasty, little fat, pussy, off key, dickhead, degenerate, pervert, wasteman, gay, deviant like that, shouldn't be allowed to have kids, true stories, its nuthin long, bare pussy, bare pussy

Wit that skinny one now, he can't even get gurl to have any kids(which is a blessing in disguise, off key, sex offender, paedophilles shouldn't be allowed to have kids, true fucking stories) because he's a dickhead, gay wasteman thats more infactuated wit brares, than checking ladies at a shoobz or sumthin in his spare time, thats what he does in his spare free time, check brares all day, brares that hate his guts, rather than check any gurl, because he's a half faggot/r'n'b pussy voiced, gay soft voiced, little gay, little obeah/scanner faggot, obeah/scanner gay, sex fiend known pussyhole, you see what I'm saying, yes you faggot pussy, you little off key pussy, you little faggot pussy, no pussy getting, virgin, gay dickhead, coz you like mashing brares, you don't mash chicks because you like brares, your probably in bed wit the fat one now, mashing, wit no champagne, no chicks, no shoobz, just two faggots mashing wit tea an biscuits, listening there dream guy on scanners/obeah type of bizness, because your nasty little, wasteman gay, ponce, dickhead, sex offender retard, livin pussyholes

These people shouldn't be around kids full stop, there dickhead, wasteman sex offender, twisted sexual, dickhead deviants, there off key, degenerate off key perverts, they shouldn't be left alone wit kids at all, there the type of dickhead sex offenders dickheads you see on crimewatch for there sex offending, paedophilles, everyone on that list whose trying that sex offending fits that typical sex offender crimewatch profile to the tee, not just these faggot two, typical no life having, wit too much money an time on there hands, no family having(or don't give a shit about there own family because there twisted, sexual, degernerate, dickhead deviants), typical loners, typical sex offender profile, typical to the tee, its nuthin long, they all fit that profile to the tee, truss me on that, there nasty like, stupid fucking pussy's

It's just because there retarded, gay sex offender, dickhead deviant, wastemen, bare retarded gay like, bare, thats the only reason why, bare gay retarded like, bare, they shouldn't be allowed around kids, truss me on that, its nuthin long, there top...dickheads, top...wasteman, bare off key retarded gays, bare paedophilles, bare stupid like, I'm gonna flop there money, they shouldn't be around any kids, its real, its nuthin long, go suck your grans, go suck mums dry pricks, go suck your grans, go suck her out, suck your gran, bunch of sex offender obeah/scanner sex fiend geeky pussys, suck your grans, lets go

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