Sunday, 27 January 2008


No shoobz on a friday or saturday, no shoobz, no chicks, no champagne, no family on a sunday, just brares on top of brares paying studio time an in there own personal free time to check brares that they don't know, who they know hate there guts to the fullest extent, sippin tea an biscuits, checking brares go take a shit, have a bath, an listening to me go sleep all night till early morning an checking little kids, no shoobz, no chicks, no champagne, no family's, just brares on top of bares checking brares(sippin tea an biscuits while there doing it) an half lesbo, half freak bitches from the caves in heat for brares that they can't get because there butters an ugly, fat lard, stick incect AIDS type bitches, waste chicks that can't get man on the roads too, checking brares they can never get, because thats the only way they can get em, using scanners an obeah, middle class, tramped out, no pussy getting virgin, gay, faggot, wastemen dickheads, sex fiending out on obeah an scanners, dickheads, bare off key typical no family having, typical loner, typical crimewatch, sex offender, ponces, typical, bare typical, bare like, you get me

Like Kano for example, if it ain't him, he's a known frontman square mc, this isn't nuthin new, its well known, I ain't bringing nuthin new to the table here, you know them way there, he ain't a road nigga at all, he was a 9 to 5 yoot before he got into the music game, everyone knows this, he's made p's off the game, he's got money, trust, but he dosen't bling, you get me, you know them way there, he's knows not to bling, true fucking stories, certain industry niggas(no names needto be mentioned) have come at him an he ain't done nuthin, certain industry niggas have sent for him an he ain't done nuthin on numerous occasions, but he ain't did nuthin, bare shook like, he's only gone after his fellow industry 'known' frontman mc's, on his level, that he knows won't do any physical harm to him, bare frontmen, just going after easy targets, typical pussy's, this is well known on the roads, its nuthin new

If it is him, he's just another undercover boy loving, little gurl loving, undercover, middle class, tramped out, no family, typical loner, typical profile of a ponce, no pussy getting, virgin, gay, faggot, dickhead deviant, sex offending, paedophille dickhead mc, thats sex fiending out on obeah an scanners for brares that hate there sex offending, gay dickhead self, bare off key like, you get me, true fucking stories, an he can go suck his mum, go suck her dry prick, suck it, suck it, suck it, fucking prick

Theirs no such thing as a Boy George, Bin Laden, theirs no such thing as a badman, battyman, they don't exist on this planet, maybe in there studio booths, or in they comfort of there houses, but in the real world they don't exist, true fucking stories, an I'm no fucking gangsta myself, I ain't a gangsta, I ain't even a road nigga, I'm just an average brare out out here, an average nobody like, you get me, I don't need to front out here, I'm happy wit who I am, thats why I can walk the streets wit my head held high, truss me on that, its nuthin long, true fucking stories, theirs no badman fantasies over here ma nigga, none at all, I ain't a badman, its just that any fucking lower specie dickhead wasteman, paedophille, battyman, ponce that trys that sex offender pussy shit wit my famo, isn't going to get away wit it, from when I see your a sex offender now, I no your nuthin out here to man, because every human being in any ends, worldwide, knows that a sex offender, dickhead ponce, can't be gangsta out here, true fucking stories, I'm going to flop there money, they ain't making any p's out here from the entertainment bizness from now on, truss me on that, I'm flopping there money, these dickhead, wastemen, no pussy getting virgin, gay, faggot niggas, an wasted out, ugly, fucking waste chick, ponces, shouldn't be around any fucking kids, full fucking stop, I'm onto them now, your wastemen, waste chick, dickhead, degenerate pervert antics are over, I'm flopping your money, straight, its nuthin long, lets go

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