Monday, 14 January 2008


Listening people take shit, listening man go sleep all night till early morning, bare funnystyle weird type of penis devils, waste chick, half carpet marchers, half freak bitches from the cave in heat for man because there fat, old, an ugly, or young, AIDS an butters or gay an ponce, theirs nuthin street about none of them, trust, bare pasticated squares, fucking obeah, scanner dickhead deviant, sex offenders, no family having, typical loners, typical fucking paedophilles, in hiding an shit you know, true stories, real tugs are in the streets, your industry, thats the diffrence, theirs real niggas in the industry, both sides of the atlantic, an then theirs industry niggas, theirs a diffrence, all these fools are 300% 'industry niggas', real tugs are in the streets, your industry, yeah you prick, top fucking geeked out, square, pasticated dickheads, who gives them the right to be in the entertainment industry, there voyeurs, paedophille, gay sex offenders, who gives them the right, they shouldn't be around my kids, true stories, any kids you know, its real, wit there stupid, industry square, wit too much time on there hands, middle class tramp, dickhead lifestyle

Like Lethal B for example, if its not him he's a well known frontman, square mc, this isn't nuthin new, he wasn't a road nigga before he got into the industry, everyone knows this, he's so shook of the hood he rolls around wit a bodyguard, he's made p's in the game, he's got money, but he dosen't bling, he knows not to, he would get moved up quickly, he would get nyamed, trust, live-o, I know one person that knows people(they were 14 years old in 2004, 2005when it happened)that were going to move up Lethal B an his bumchum Fumin(there probably in bed together right now as we speak wit tea an biscuits an a scanner an pc reading this now, true fucking stories)on a bus after there concert, but allowed it becaused they looked like they were broke, true fucking stories, its nuthin long, no made up shit, he's a known pussy

I feel like he's gay too, about pow, who in the hood goes pow, when there licking shots, its brap, boop, boop, rah, rah, even back in the day, niggas used to be like boo-yah-ka, even that dropped, it was manly like you know, you know them way there, say any of the words there an it sounds on a level, say that pow shit witout changing your voice, say it the the say way, an it sounds gay, it sounds bare batty, I wouldn't get caught dead saying pow on the roads, people might think I'm suspect or sumthin you know, for real, its nuthin long, true fucking stories, I don't care what no one says, even if its not him, I still think he's bare suspect like, bare, you get me, its nuthin long, you know them way there, about pow

If it is him, he ain't 'wrapping up' no one, he ain't 'wrapping up' no one if it is not him, let alone if its is him, he's gay little, dickhead, pussy little, frontman, paedophille mc that likes little kids, bare, if it is him you know, bare likes little kids, he ain't 'wrapping up' no one, the only thing he could 'wrap up' is christmas presents, but I seriously doubt even that, because of the amount of time these degenerate dickhead perverts spend voyerism my family, these dickheads ain't got no familys to wrap up presents for, they have been disowned by there own familys because there waste upon waste, whatless sex offenders, true stories, or have family's(in a handful of cases, I could count on one hand), but care an are sexually(in a twisted way)obsessed an infactuated more about me than showing love an a proper family life to there own fucking kids, you know them way there

Lethal B can go suck his mother if its him, go suck your mum dry, suck her out, go do your back an forth, back an forth on records, pussy little eh, 'industry' beef wit those fools that are on your level like, back an forth an back an forth, an when you you see each other its like "cool boss, bless" an then you go back to the studio on some back an forth an an forth battyman bizness, that you 'industry' frontman mc's like doing, play wit niggas on your level, you've picked the wrong nigga like, truss me on that, wrong fucking family, your waste, wastage, bare like, its nuthin long, go suck your mum, twelve times

Real tugs are in the streets, your industry, real niggas run the streets, you just run, now go run go listen someone take a shit, an sleep all night, go on you industry pussy's, go on, don't front, thats what you like dickheads, don't front, thats what you like to do in your spare time(no ones putting a gun to your head to do that shit you bunch of off key gay, battys), thats what you pay studio time to do, not make tunes, no shoobz, no chicks, no family, no champagne, you stupid, off key wasteman, waste chicks dickheads, go listen someone take a shit an go sleep all night, go on pussy, go on prick, you degenerate dutty fucking perverts, stupid fucking dickhead deviants, who gives you the right to be in the fucking entertainment industry, who gives you the right, you shouldn't be around kids, you stupid dickhead, degenerate deviants, stupid fucking sex offenders, stupid fucking pricks, you can all go suck your mums, go suck her dry, its just because there bare, pasticated, bare like, you know them way there, bare pasticated, squares, its nuthin long, bare fucking pasticated squared out, sex offendrs, I'm goin to run you out of the entertainment industry, truss me on that, I'm flopping there money, its nuthin long, lets go...fucking fantasist, chatting rubbish to the youngers, fucking pricks

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