Sunday, 23 December 2007


Entertainment Industy

Ms Dynamite(fake revolutionary mc/singer)

Phoebe 1(square, geek, clown from the sticks in her late 30’s/early 40’s trying to talk hood dj)

Tinchy Styder(frontman pussy mc)

Trim(frontman pussy mc)

Kano(frontman pussy mc)

Lethal B(frontman/battyman pussy mc that hires security guards for the hood when he’s out on the roads )

Fumin(frontman pussy mc)

Wyclef(clown wannabe corny world music pussy mc)

Styles P(frontman mc)

Paradise(fake revolutionary mc)

Big Narstie(from N Double A)(frontman clown pussy mc)

N Dubz(george Michael loving fake battyman mc)

Dizzeee Rascal(sellout pussy frontman mc)

Jay Sean(upper middle class, rich clown, pussy nigga that gets bad up by 14 year old suburb chicks music guy)

Wong(corny clown mc)

Mica Paris(washed up corny pop singer in her 40’s that thinks she’s hood)

Ian Wright(squared out goofy black gizzer rich retired footballer)

Milkymans(9 to 5 mc)

E-17(corny pussy pop singer customer mudda fuckers)

Robbie Gee(in his 40s battyman that likes to dress up as females gay actor black gizzer mudda fucker)

Shystie(9 to 5 mc)

Baby Blue(9 to 5 mc)

Lady Soverign(no talent, carpet muncher 9 to 5 mc)

Wildflower(backpacer mc)

Simon Webbe(corny pop singing mr t haircut buzing square goofy mudda fucker)

Alicia Dixon(corny 9 to 5 university educated mc/singer)

Mark Morrison(wannabe corny r’n’b singer)

Zena(corny 9 to 5 singer)

Jamelia(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer)

Beverly Knight(squared out fake born again Christian corny rock/pop singer)

Ace & Invisible(corny feisty r’n’b niggas rap dj’s 9 to5 yoots)

Estelle(corny squared out 9 to 5 mc/singer)

Gabrielle(corny squared out 9 to 5 pop singer in her early 40s)

Big P(frontman mc)

Bruza(corny 9 to 5 black gizzer fassy mc)

Known(confirmed) Ponces Hiding In The Suburbs An The Hood

‘Titch’(fake tug/pussy, battyman on the roads) from College Park(in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham), NW10, London, England, UK

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