Saturday, 29 December 2007


Very pussy, very geeky squared out pussy, bunch of worm niggas, truss me on that, no family having fucking loners, bare fucking typical paedophilles, bare, an I'm not dissing normal people that have gone through trials an tribulations in life, know about real struggle, I mean I've gone through things in my younger days wit my parents to the point were I was thrown out an all that type of stuff, I'm not talking about brothers an sisters that are coming from fucked up situations an trying to survive in life, survive poverty who have no or only one parent to fall back on, if even that, real fucking poverty situations, the real struggle, real lives, big up all my people in the struggle, nah I'm talking about middle class(money wise), whatless, dirty old fogies, young tramps wit money, dickhead sex offenders, dickhead deviants from the entertainment industry that have been disowned by there families because there pure waste, waste upon waste, you see what I'm saying, fucking degenerate fucking perverts, no fucking families, fucking loners, typical ponces, typical dickhead paedophilles, or have a kid but are more infactuated an obsessed an love up someone else, a fucking stranger that hates there fucking guts, than giving there own kid a normal fucking family life, stupid fucking dickheads, top dickheads on the roads, on a big boy level, fucking pricks, stupid dickheads, fucking wastemen an waste chicks, professional levels, textbook, original you know

Real road niggas run the fucking streets, you fassy's just run, now run go listen someone take a shit, run go listen someone go sleep all night, go on off key pervert, run go listen someone have a bath, go on battyman, waste chick, its the only way you butters, troll fat lard, aids bitches, waste chicks can get man, you dickheads, fucking pricks, repressed freak bitches from the caves wit no experience in life because your butters, straight, look at the hoes on that list, there all ugly, troll, known butters fat lard, aids bitches, its the only way you faggots can get your dream man, because you industry fassies mash brares anyway, don't front, you like man, don't front, you listen man have bath, take shit, go sleep, you like man, don't front, no shoobz, no chicks, no champagne, no familes, just brares in there free time, paying studio time to check brares, wit brares on top of brares, checking little kids...wit tea an biscuits, don't front, you like man, don't front, you like little kids, don't front, you bunch of degenerate perverts, top dickheads, real road niggas run the fucking streets you bunch of pastics, in doors an studio 24-7, hermits like, shook of the streets, shook diffrently, an theirs nuthin wrong wit that, you're obvious battymen an squared out, goofy, butters, waste chicks, theirs nuthin street about anyone on that list, nuthin street about none of them, they ain't road at all, an I ain't a road nigga neither, I don't need to front, I happy wit myself inside an out, all day, everyday, I'm a average brare on the roads, I'm a nobody like, I'm not a gangster at all, I’m a average brare like, I don't need to front, thats why I can walk the streets wit my head high, truss me on that, no fronting over here, no faggot, paedophille shit over here, I ain't them at all, I'm a average brare on the roads, but I will switch on any fassy little poom poom devil piece of pussy, paedophille, stupid battyman, waste chick ponce, that trys that paedophille shit wit my famo, its nuthin long, because if your a battyman or paedophille, it means your nuthin out here, I don’t care what you’ve done, from when you show me your gay or a stupid fucking paedophile, it means your nuthin to man, don’t care who you are, from when I see that now, an you try it wit my famo, I’ll switch on niggas quick, truss me on that, a paedophile can’t be gangsta on this planet, a pussy, coward, voyeur piece of shit sex offender,off key pervert, worm nigga, waste chick freak bitch can’t be gangsta on this planet, a battyman can’t be gangsta on this planet, that’s just the way it is in real ends, its just real like, theirs nuthin I can do about it, its just the way reality is, I can’t change that you know, its real

Its good you fassy’s don’t front on the roads, its good, that’s how it should be, a ponce, battyman should play its position you know, its nice, but then don’t front when you get on the fucking mic, don’t front when your in the studio on the fucking mic, an don’t fucking front when your in your homes neither, none of you live in fortresses…apart from Ian Wright…you know, you see what I’m saying, you know them way there, be your fassy ponce self just like you are on the roads, when you get on the mic an in your homes, stop living out your off key, degenerate, perverted, twisted sex fantasies on the mic an in your homes, stop doing that shit dickheads, stop doing it, don’t do it, don’t do it, your money is getting flopped now, I’m going to flop your money you stupid bunch of fassy little ponces, your money is goin to get flopped, truss me on that, its nuthin long, your money is getting flopped, truss, watch when the website pops off, its over, its nuthin long, yes surr, that will be the nail in the coffin, its nuthin long, its real, you shouldn’t be around any of my kids or human being communities, you fucking lower specie weird type of pussy penis devil, fucking pussy little devil worshippers

I’m a god fearing yoot, I’m not religious or anything, I don’t subscribe to any particular religion, I take bits an pieces from all religions an keep it moving, I’m spiritual, I believe in higher powers, good over evil, its in the bible, god is on my side, jah has my back, allah is wit me, allah ackbar, god is great, big up all my rasta generals, all my muslims warriors, big up my christian crew, all my gods an earths, my 5% crew, salute, no fake shit, big up all authentic religious crew that follows whats in the scriptures, big up, salute, no fake shit

The charade is over now, your squared out, goofy, paedophile, pussy little voyeur, faggot, waste chick ponced out, sex offenders hiding in the music industry, nothing less, nothing more, simple as, top……dickheads, typical no family having, loner, dickhead, pussy little paedophiles, fucking middle class tramps, go suck out your grannies, suck your mums…twelve times, you obeah/scanner fucking pussy little sex fiends, obeah/scanner off key sex addicts, dickheads, go suck your mum, lets go


T. said...

I agree with all of this and would like to trade blog links with you:

Grime music is unfortunately FULL of the type of sickness you are describing (haterism and boyloving).

exposeponcesent said...

no doubt, but it ain't all grime artists, an it ain't excluded to that scene alone, its certain fassy artists, industry fools in mostly rap an grime on both sides of the atlantic(when certain frontman, wannabe music fools come over here from the states), who are use to living in a fantasy industry world an are oblivious to the real world because most of them are shook of it, been bad up by real road niggas(that actually live what there fantasing about)on numerous occasions, I could go on all day, everyday, breaking down those incidents, but because most of them were 9 to 5 yoots(which there is nothing wrong wit being)before they got into the game, an are obsessed wit still chattin rubbish on the mic, living out there road fantasy's on the mic, even though they are shook of the roads diffrently, an get bad up daily, its there way of venting there frustrations out witout, in there mind, any harm coming to them, becaused there geeked out diffrently an were putting on a front when they were coming up before they got into the industry true stories, but I'm definetly gonna try put a stop to these obvious undercover battyboys an ponces, undercover dutty, nasty, degenerate, dickhead lifestyle there trying to force on me an my family you know, its nuthin long, these ponces shouldn't be around any fucking kids, I don't trust em at all, I'm definetly gonna try run em out of the music bizness, make em go back to there 9 to 5's, there pussy little dickheads, truss me on that, its nuthin long

but yeah, I'll definetly check out your website