Friday, 21 December 2007


This blog is to expose these suspected ponces(paedophilles) until I
can get my website up an running an expose them on a bigger level you
know, flop there money, stupid degenerate pervert, sex offender
dickhead deviants, bare child molesterers, they couldn't bad up anyone
over the age of ten, but under that age, there own kids, thats the
type of shook, fassy, piece of pussy, typical ponces, sex offenders
that they are you know, true stories

When I get my website up an running, I'll have audios of them on the
website that people can pay for an make up there own minds on who they
think it is you know, I've got to charge for those audios because I'm
a bizness man, I'm not a wasteman at all, I'm not them at all, I'm
about money all the way, straight down the line you know, I could not
pay out of my own money to expose these fassy little ponces for free,
I'm not wasting money on no wasteman/waste chick piece of pussy sex
offender, hell no, out of my own pocket, your mad, I'm about money,
all the way, I'm a bizness man, I came up right, I came up real like,
you get me, they came up bogus, shook an fassy, true stories, its real

Paying studio time not to make tunes, nah not using that money to make
tunes, but to check on brares(man), wit brares, no chicks, just brares
wit brares in there free time paying to check brares wit brares, no
chicks, just brares checking brares, no champagne, just tea an
biscuits an brares checking brares, no shoobz(nightclubs), friday,
saturday, sunday, no family, just brares on top of brares checking
brares an little kids, yeah, fucking wastemen, waste chicks that can't
get man on the road, because there too fucking butters, AIDS looking
bitches, or fat piece of lard, shapeless jabba the hut species type
bitches, you see what I'm saying, they only way to get man is by using
voyeurism tactics, listening brares take shit, go sleep, check little
kids an all that type of shizzle, fucking dickheads, bare fucking
waste, original, professional wasteman/waste chicks, textbook you
know, there whole sexual organs are twisted, bare off key perverts
that can't take rejection

Fucking pastics, fucking idolise an infactuated an obsessed wit a
stranger that hates there guts, there rather check a stranger that
hates there guts more than leading a normal family life wit there
kids, yeah, a handful of these troll waste chick bitches actually have
kids, its crazy, they got lucky, there more infactuated an in love an
obsessed wit a stranger that hates there guts than looking after there
own kids in a proper fucking fashion, you see what I'm saying

Degenarate fucking pervert, dickhead deviants, I hate your guts, I
hate all paedophilles, get a woman or man, above age, on the fucking
roads, don't check little kids, you stupid fucking dickheads, I hate
all fucking faggots that try to push there dickhead lifestyles onto
people that don't agree wit it you know, true fucking stories, god
made adam an eve, not adam an steve, adam an fucking titch from
college park, fuck em, I hate all paedophilles an gays that try it wit
a passion, yes I do, I reject you all day, everyday, its nuthin long,
I reject you, take your rejection like a fucking adult you stupid
fucking pussy little poom poom devil, sex offender voyeurs, ponces,
bare typical fucking little pussy little always hiding fucking ponces,
fuck em, YEH, lets go

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